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"(One of) THE TOP 12 INDEPENDENT BANDS IN THE U.S... bouncing with piano licks, sax solos and a foot-stomping rhythm section.... the drum work is nothing short of a piece of art! The control, the rhythmic variations, it's all there... this is pure mood music, baby... very talented musicians with a true sense of the music they play. Their songwriting fits their individual sound and they seem to mesh together so seamlessly. They are truly legends in the making."
--Independent Songwriter

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Live Dates There is a list of Upcoming Live Dates on our RJ Live Page.

CD Release - On The Main Stem featuring Mardi Gras tunes and 7 cuts with special guest Johnnie Johnson!

Check out the West Coast Mardi Gras Party compilation CD that includes a new track by Rhythmtown-Jive!

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Video What about that RJ Video with Johnnie Johnson?

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